WordPress Website Health & Security Management Services

Actively monitoring WordPress security and user safety (including data protection)

We offer a state of the art Website Maintenance, Vital Intelligence and Health Monitor service designed to protect individuals' and small business’ WordPress installations from disasters that can critically damage their earning potential. The problems we track are monitored on a continuing basis. This saves our customers the trouble of manually checking for these issues and re-checking for them frequently, since they can occur at any time.

WordPress Security Services: sophisticated audit, maintenance and monitoring solutions. Google+

  • Affiliate Hijack Monitoring

    Tracks eBay, Amazon & ClickBank affiliate links to ensure they contain your affiliate tags.

  • Spam Monitoring

    Watches pages to ensure that they do not contain well-known spam keyword phrases.

  • Malware / Phishing Monitoring

    Observes pages to ensure they don’t contain malware or phishing attempts.

  • External Link Monitoring

    Supervises outgoing links from your pages to ensure they are not pointing to blacklisted domains.

  • Broken Link Monitoring

    Inspects outbound links on your website to ensure that they are valid.

  • Intrusion Detection

    Reports any changes made to WordPress system files and theme files.

  • Uptime Monitor

    Your site’s responsiveness is periodically checked. Alerts you if it is not.

  • Performance Monitoring

    Tracks response time for your website over time and displays a graph of results.

  • Blacklist Monitoring

    Checks several well-known blacklists (RBLs) and notifies you whenever your website’s IP address appears.

  • 404-Error Checking

    If your site’s security is compromised, an intruder may insert outgoing links or alter existing outgoing links.

  • Weekly PDF Summary Reports

    We provide a one-page PDF report that summarizes monitoring activity for a selected time period.

  • WordPress Backup Service

    Hourly, daily, weekly backup service for WordPress websites to prevent data loss.

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WordPress Security and Privacy – Evaluate. Manage. Monitor.


1. Affiliate Hijack Monitoring Services

Monitors eBay, Amazon and ClickBank affiliate links to ensure they contain your affiliate tags.

  • Amazon Tracking IDs look like this: “yoursite-20″ and can be found on your Amazon Assoicates dashboard.
  • eBay campaign IDs are 10-digit numbers and can be found on the “Campaigns” tab of your eBay Partner Network dashboard.
  • Your ClickBank nickname can be found at the top of your “Account Home” page at ClickBank.com
  • Separate IDs by semicolons in the text boxes below.

Why Is This Crucial? Ensuring that your affiliate links are present and contain your tracking tags is critical, since those tags ensure that your visitors’ purchases get associated with your affiliate account. The most common reason for missing affiliate tags is that they were mistakenly omitted when the affiliate link was created. Our service will notify you of these cases so you can go back and insert those tags. Less-common, but potentially much more dangerous, malicious agents have been known to “hijack” affiliate links by overwriting your tags with theirs. In either case, you will not receive credit for your affiliate commissions until you fix any problems that our service finds.

2. Spam Monitoring Services

Keeps track of posts to make certain that they do not contain well-known spam keyword phrases.

Why Is This Essential? One technique used by hackers is to insert spam links on vulnerable WordPress based blogs. While WordPress makes every effort to guarantee the security of its software, hackers can often stay one step ahead of security updates. If a WordPress installation has spam keywords on it and links out to spam sites, it can damage your reputation with search engines. This can result in a severe loss of traffic. The sooner one gets notified that his/her WordPress site has been compromised, the sooner that person can find and remove the offending hyperlinks.

3. Malware / Phishing Monitoring Services

Keeps under surveillance posts to ensure that they do not contain malware or phishing attempts.

Phishing and malware warnings include, among other services, results from Google’s Safe Browsing API. The Safe Browsing API is the same service that is used by Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome to warn users when a website may be a threat.

Please note that Google’s Safe Browsing API attempts to provide the most accurate and up-to-date phishing and malware information. However, Google cannot guarantee that its information is comprehensive and error-free: some risky sites may not be identified, and some safe sites may be identified in error.

4. External Link Monitoring Services

Tracks outgoing links from your pages to make certain they are not pointing to blacklisted domains.

This feature can alert any designated person about malicious hyperlinks that have been placed on the WordPress website in question. However, if your web contains a lot of user-generated content, it can also result in false alarms. You may wish to enable this option initially, but disable it if it is producing too many false positives.

Why Is This Significant? In case a WordPress site is suspected of hosting malware or phishing attacks by any of the popular browsers, visitors of that website will be warned to stay away. Most users will not stick around when they see that warning.

5. Broken Link Monitoring Services

Inspects all outbound links on any specfic WordPress website to guarantee that they are valid. Links that produce HTTP 4xx (client errors, such as 404 – URL Not Found) or 5xx errors (server errors) are flagged as errors.

6. WordPress Intrusion Detection Services

Reports any changes made to WordPress system files and theme files (huge security issue)

Intrusion Detection is handled by our unique WordPress plugin. Please install and configure the plugin to enable Intrusion Detection!

7. Uptime Monitor Services

We periodically check your WP installation to see if it is responding. You’ll receive alerts you if it is not. These kind of  professional services are available for not only WordPress based web-entities but also ready for use on other web-properties as well.

Why Is This Important? Although uptime poses no security issues, maintaining consistent uptime is critical to running an online business. When downtime does occur, you’ll want to be notified as soon as possible in order to address the situation.

8. WordPress Performance Monitoring Services

Tracks response time for your WordPress based web-entity over time and displays a graph of results.

Why Is This Significant? Performance is another factor that has no direct or indirect security repercussions.  Users have come to expect WordPress websites to be responsive, with page load times in the 1-3 second range. When a site loads slowly, users are more likely to abandon it. In addition, Google announced in 2010 that it would be taking page load times into consideration when ranking search results. See this report for more information on how load times affect user behaviour.

9. Blacklist Monitoring Services

Follows several well-known blacklists (RBLs) and notifies you if the monitored site’s IP address shows up.

Why Is This Important? DNS blackslists (DNSBL) or Real-time Blacklists (RBLs) are automated lists of domains that are suspected of sending spam. If your server’s domain ends up on a blacklist, it can prevent you from sending email from that domain. Other services may use these blacklists for limiting access to users with your domain in their email address.

10. 404-Error Checking

Why Is This Important? If the security of your WordPress website is compromised, an intruder may insert outgoing links or alter existing outgoing links. Detecting broken hyperlinks (ones that results in an HTTP 404 error or HTTP 500 error) is an important early-warning sign in detecting an intrusion. In addition, broken links are frustrating for readers and are a negative indicator for search engines that index and send traffic to your site.

11. Weekly PDF Website Security Summary Reports

We provide a one-page PDF report that summarizes security details and monitoring activity for a selected time period.

Why Is This Important? As a customer you may want to see reports that indicate the type of monitoring that is being done as well as an overview of problems that have been found.

12. WordPress Backup Services

Above all features listed we include weekly backup services for your WordPress based sites to prevent any data loss in case something goes wrong in case you want to install something or your entire network (database included) was hacked. We will restore the whole WordPress installation for you without any loss to the site’s original state.

Additional WordPress Security At Platform Level

Our WordPress Plugin provides additional levels of security that are specific to WordPress. We display a badge on the monitored site to show readers that the site is secured by our services. Copy and paste the HTML code below and install it on your online domain.

When users click on the badge, they’ll see a report that shows your site has been protected from spam, malware and phishing attempts, and has not been found on any of the blacklists that we monitor.

If your pages do have problems, don’t worry. Your users will see a blank badge until you’ve cleaned up the problems. Why Is This Important? Visitors to your site are likely concerned about security, especially if you are selling products and accepting credit cards. While no single security badge can guarantee that a site is 100% secure, the presence of a small number of badges can help to re-assure your visitors.

Our website security service badge will ony appear on your site when it has no security errors. If our service finds spam, malware or phishing errors on your site, it will show an empty image instead of a badge. Once you’ve resolved the security errors on your web-property, our services will re-display the badge correctly. If the badge is being displayed, it also acts as a link that allows visitors to read a security report about your site. That report will show that your domain has been found to be clean from spam, malware and suspected phishing attempts.

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Yvonne A Jones, YvonneAJones.com

Levente and his company have been providing website security services for my multiple sites.

Knowing that my WordPress based websites are monitored, protected and regularly backed up allows me to focus on teaching and supporting my clients.

I highly recommend Levente and his professional services.

Dhyan Kaur Khalsa, Kundalini Yoga Daily

Any web property, whether you are a business owner, hobbyist, professional, is an investment. And like any ‘investment’, it needs to be protected, nurtured, groomed. This web property investment is now an important asset. I personally do not trust anyone but Levente for all of my Website Security Management. I have 3 of my own business sites, which are ‘my babies’ and you need to be able to hand the keys over to someone you trust and clearly who knows what they are doing!

Chris Greenwood, Affiliate Web World

I highly recommend Levente Szfarli if you are looking for effective solutions to your WordPress website security issues. His expert knowledge of website health and security management is comprehensive and his conscientious approach to working with clients and delivering results is second to none.

Chris Venter, Homes2Rent Property Management

Levente Szfarli is a highly recommended Professional Web Project Manager. He is very knowledgeable about a wide range of web-based business, social media marketing, SEO, website security management, project management and many more subjects making him a all round "go to" person to solve your problems.

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